Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Pop Tarts And Grotesque Ignorance

 I heard an interview of Alexandra Pelosi today.

It was a discussion of her just released documentary of the January 6 coup attempt.

It was an interesting interview.

Most interesting from my point of view is something she said that I am making an attempt to re-create here; this is only a clumsy approximation; but it gets the idea on the table.

She had been asked about the appearance in the documentary that all the people interviewed (minor offenders, all of whom admitted their offenses, and all of whom were convicted of misdemeanors and served short sentences) were startlingly alike.

She concurred.

"A life from weaning made up of pop tarts, little or failed education, and lives that went off the rails early and permanently; pretty much losers all; and they all love trump".

That description describes so accurately the outcome of the last forty years I described in my recent post 

Not Far From Midnight

I am putting a link to it here.

Noel McKeehan: Adventures and Opinions: Not Far From Midnight (noellivefromparis.blogspot.com)

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