Sunday, October 8, 2023

The Final Solution: Fish In A Barrel

 Listening to the BBC this afternoon I have heard a lot of Israelis invoking a "final solution" as their answer to the recent Hamas incursion.

I guess they must be being consciously ironic.

They must know that much history.

One would hope.

Maybe not.

Anyway, the Israelis now are going to solve their Palestinian Problem Finally.

After they have gathered all the Palestinians in Gaza, the Israelis are going to incinerate the place.

Nothing like a good holocaust (The word “holocaust” has two meanings. One is a sacrifice by fire. Apparently that is the one today's Jews are invoking in their final solution.  The name of that solution and its method drip with irony).

It's hard for me to imagine how Hamas could have been so stupid as to have made Palestinian genocide an openly stated Israeli policy - and, now, legitimated (in Israeli minds) an imminent goal.

And remember, Israel has a large nuclear arsenal.

I would expect, pragmatics being mandatory, that the impending holocaust will be a one weapon affair.

That's just so efficient.

If you want to incinerate a people, why pull your punches?

This is what happens when the US supports a country, run by a guy who hasn't got time to pay attention to threats inbound from a terrorist rump pseudo government, but has all his time available to jigger his county's judicial system so he won't go to jail, and you have that country as the keystone in your domestic religious-political milieu (when the Jews finally put that temple up again, all American evangelicals will be assumed into heaven - and the rest of us remain behind for eternal fire, so goes the party line; and that wins elections in Iowa; understandable politics, terrible foreign policy).

It does worry me, though, that the world will go down neither in a bang, nor a whimper, but, instead in a giant shitstorm.

I would like to add that sentence to the bible. 

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