Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Crows Are Great People

I took a lot of pictures today and, I suppose, some yet to be reviewed and edited images, might possibly be central to one or more other posts to this blog; but these were so good I had to go to press with them on a stand alone basis.

Crows and ravens are just exceptional creatures.

Paris has a lot of crows, as does every place that I live.

As it happened, some of the most interesting photo ops early in my three hour flaneur de la Seine et environs were crows.

This looks a lot like sushi ginger which is not unlikely, since I constantly see abandoned sushi detritus hither and yon in Paris; in fact, I think it could be proven that there are more sushi shops in Paris that there are in Tokyo; this crow had grabbed whatever it is that he or she has and moved stage right from his or her fellows.

paris crow with sushi ginger 110618 00001

These were two other pansy garden crows who hadn’t gotten the ginger; I was so happy to have been able to get this straight on image of a crow face.

paris crows in primrose garden 110618 00000

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