Saturday, November 10, 2018

donnie Can’t Fly In The rain

This one is for Joe, Marcus, and Ann Claire: this is what a real bool court looks like.

And what an advanced civilization it is that just puts these places for people to use hither and yon around a city.

This one is the one in the direction of La Bastille; there is also one behind me, if you place me as the photographer, in this image forefront.

paris bool court by le arsenal 110918 00000

Some kind of nut; the tree looks like a really big hazel nut.

paris nuts on la promenade des plantes110918 00000

On la Promenade des Plantes, which was the idea that New York subsequently stole to create their repurposed elevated railway line.

paris rose on la promenade des plantes110918 00000

Anybody got any ideas? The post is a tie down for barges on le quais de la Seine; but I have no idea what the graphic means.

paris seine quai tie down 110918 00000

Sometimes Seine people are pretty contrived; this guy rang true for me.

paris ukelele player on the seine 110918 00000

“Our wants are lawlessness” or “shambles” or “disorder”; or, all of the above, I guess.

paris wall graffiti 110918 00000

In a separate note, donnie was here today and didn’t go to a WWI cemetery because it was raining.

I walked a half mile in the rather mild rain to have an extended lunch at Le Depart; and, oddly enough, saw a helicopter flying down La Seine.

I guess helicopters really can fly in the rain, especially when it’s not very heavy rain.

donnie is pretty delicate though.

And he’s pretty heavy; maybe there were no massive freight choppers available today.

And what a patriot; we can now add not going to an American cemetery on the 100th anniversary of WWI because it was raining, to his bone spurs.

What a guy.

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