Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What A Fantasy

Yesterday I posted America: The Let’s Pretend Nation.

That post discussed the pretty much inevitable fall of America from world influence.

There is though, my optimistic patriotic belief says, a way out of the mess.

Here are the steps. 

Get rid of trump.

Get rid of all the current republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Get rid of all the  Democrats in those two legislative bodies.

Have a national plebiscite for replacements to the two legislatures and the presidency that every American over 18 years old  is legally bound to vote in.

Make the criteria for valid candidacy in that plebiscite be, in fact, a criterion/candidates’ oath:

“I will sit at the table with the blank sheet of paper; and that that blank sheet shall be, when filled in by those of us elected in this plebiscite, and when deemed by the Supreme Court of the United States of America to be Constitutional and  to have fixed and enhanced and replaced the low state of all Americans be accepted without further vote (the plebiscite and its oath and Supreme Court oversite having already fulfilled that requirement)  as amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.”

The purpose of that blank sheet of paper will be to address aggressively the unacceptable implications of the statement on the national arch:

“America’s business model doesn’t support its citizens having a decent life, with buffers against disease, misfortune, or in favor of having a family, having a home, getting an education, and an honorably earned retirement; it does support gated communities, segregated schools, posse comitatus violations on the Mexican border, massive border walls, hate, racism, lies, stupidity and all their additional and extended kindred.”

The nation that I was born to did not have that business model.

FDR was President when I was born.

Emoluments were not his big thing.

The one percent were still Americans then.

The blank sheet will define in detail how all of that inhumanity will be turned on its axis and how America can begin to return to the Country I believed it to be when Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon (even) and the rest, until donnie, were in office.

I offer this as a suggestion to bring us back from the brink.

I know, this is really stupid; but anger – yesterday’s post – needs to be countered, I believe, with optimism.

So here is stupidly la la optimism.

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