Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Turn It On Its Axis

I saw Joe Biden interviewed by Stephen Colbert the other night.

Joe was impressive as always.

I saw John Kerry interviewed by Stephen Colbert several weeks before.

John was as impressive as he was as Secretary of State (which was way more impressive than when he was a candidate for President) or maybe more so.

Both Joe and John were ostensibly promoting their new books.

But we all know what they were really doing.

They were getting ready to run for President.

Due to either of their credentials, intelligence, experience, charisma and knowledge of the world, top to bottom, I wish I was getting excited about the prospect of either or both of them running.

But I can’t get there, and the space that I occupy while not getting there is dark, hollow and sad.

Because either would be a great President.

But they are both too old.

Not too old to win, maybe, but too old to swiftly turn the current mess on its axis; if either were to win, the old tried and true methods would be the rule of the day; and those rules are the rules that have gotten us into that current mess.

Too old, once the mess had been turned, to move in a new direction.

We need someone who can and will, by inspiring the real majority of American people to vote, be swept into office despite the rigging of the Electoral College and with coattails long enough to bring in a Senate and House of Representatives swept clean of the “I’ve got mine” generation and work quickly and effectively with those new legislators to usher in the New Regime: Humanity, Equality and Opportunity for all.

We need an American version of Emanuel Macron.

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