Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fish Today

It rained.

What a surprise.

In Paris?


One of the reasons I keep coming here - with some segment of the sojourn being Novembre - is so I can be here for days just like today: cold, nasty windy, rain on and off, and  – when on, really on – just miserable.

For some reason I love that.

In Seattle, where I exist when I am not in Paris, that sort of weather pretends to be, frequently; but it never rises to the standard of magnificent Paris misery, coldness, and utter from-the-north-sea-bitchiness.

It just kind of feels like what one would expect from a vastly overgrown village of fisherman: bitter, yes; but charm?


Just fishermen and bitchy weather.

Now the weather in Portland, not far south of Seattle, seems more like Paris weather.

I think it has something to do with the people.

Or maybe because, Like Paris, Portland is a few hundred miles downriver from the sea.


Anyway, since I had seen on my computer, on the Weather Channel (an IBM company) that today was going to be of the sort of Paris weather that I perversely love, I said to myself “we go to the aquarium today".

I always go to the aquarium on days like this.

Or to Invalides.

Or Le Louvre.

But today it was the Aquarium.

So here are a few images from le Aquarium Tropical de Paris.

I love this place: one of its endearing features – for me – is that, being a topical aquarium, it needs to be kept QUITE WARM; that means, that when my clothes have begun to defy the definition of the boundary between solid and liquid, I get to leave and go to Les Cascades for a glass of wine.

That usually takes about an hour, which is enough time for me to look at all the aquariums and get some pictures.

Here are a few of them from today.

paris aquarium 110718 00001

paris aquarium 110718 00003

paris aquarium 110718 00004

paris aquarium 110718 00007

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