Thursday, November 8, 2018

Paris Images From Today: November 8, 2018

After a day of rain, cold and wind, today was beautiful.

So I went for a walk.

Here are the images that I thought were emblematic of the route that I took.

Alexandre III

paris alexandre trois 110818 00000

paris alexandre trois 110818 00001

A chunk of major Paris motorway has been re-purposed to be a pedestrian only place, with some riverside environment: trees, bushes, creatures and associated marché de environment..

To make that an ecological fact, barges have been permanently moored at the quai and have been planted with trees, bushes, roses and other plants to make the new configuration a safe harbor for merles noirs (European blackbirds) ducks and whatever else likes a little ecological niche on the beautiful Seine.

paris les barges sparrow110818 00001

What can I say”

Starlings are a really beautiful bird.

paris tour eiffel starling 110818 00000

The crane in the background is the beginning of the restart  of the Ferris Wheel.

paris tuilleries fountain 110818 00000

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