Friday, June 21, 2019

Donnie Just Keeps Lying, Or Delusioning Maybe

Anybody who believes that donnie called a strike on Iran and then called it off – because 150 people would have been killed – is delusional.

Like Hitler in his final days in the bunker when he was moving imaginary Wehrmacht units around his strategy map, donnie wakes up every morning and sits on the toilet and imagines thrusts and parries of historic worldwide size and proportion.

And then he tweets them out to his imaginary army of factotums.

Then he checks in with Sean to see if he done right.

Then his keepers take him by the hand into the oval office and let him think presidential stuff.

But nobody is going to let him call strikes on anybody.

Except James Risch, a dildo senator from Idaho who I heard interviewed on the PBS Newshour tonight.

And he was so far up trumps’ ass that I doubt that anyone in Boise or Lewiston will ever see him return.

So if you believe that cock and bull story about calling off today’s imaginary strike you must be a trump supporter.

Or a coal miner.

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  1. You know I don’t talk politics, but even I saw straight through this crock of BS.