Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Guardian’s Headline On The Morning Of 9 November 2020?

The day after the US election in 2004 The Guardian’s morning headline was “How Can 65 Million People Be So Stupid”?

Or words to that effect.

The implication of that thought was, I guess, that America had been “had” in 2000, and had been given – in 2004 – a chance to be “unhad”.

But they did it again.

In retrospect things might have been a bit more nuanced.

W. told various forms of truth most of the time.

W. was, as has been the case with a lot of recent presidents, a faithful and loving “family man”.

W. was aware of and apparently in favor of America as an increasingly diverse nation; his views on the need for comprehensive immigration reform seem to reinforce that viewpoint.

W. couldn’t help that the Iraq war (which he – I was among the shrillest of the shrill on this issue, since Colin Powell, a hero of mine was destroyed by his part in this debacle – got underway with massive lies) was flaming along in 2004; W. couldn’t help that people were afraid of changing Commander in Chief in time of war; that didn’t make the American people stupid; it made them want to be safe.

(I WILL point out that the last clause of the preceding sentence fully documents the validity of my aversion to being safe.)

donnie, on the other hand:

Is unable to speak truth; he lies about EVERYTHING, ALWAYS;

Should be a registered sex offender;

Fears and hates the America that is inevitable;

Keeps flirting with wars and all sorts of other reality-show-ready crises and then makes them go away with shrugs and manual sleights.

And all of that malfeasance is done in full sight of everyone; no one could possibly not see it.

But The Economist’s “P.T. Barnum Effect” is in play.

9 November 2020 The Guardian will open the morning with the headline:

“No man ever went broke overestimating the ignorance of the American public”.

And that will be a lot of fun.

For those of us who won’t have voted for donnie.

But the problem will be that that apparently applicable Barnumisn will be missing the real point.

So I propose a couple alternates:

“Privileged White Americans Continue Their Electoral Tantrum”;


“Voter Suppression Works Wonders In 2020”;


“Fat Billie Says ‘Put Away The Mattresses, We Won’”.

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