Wednesday, June 26, 2019

That’s Twenty; How Many More Will It Take…

…to return America to some sort of moral perspective?

Sorry Answer: there is no upper limit on criminal-code crimes, Constitutional high crimes and misdemeanors and episodes of criminal sexual violence indulged in by donnie the dildo that will bring him down.

As long as republicans and christians – and their joyously complicit  camp followers – are calling the shots, America will be left sinking in the slime of the drumpfs, kushners, mcConnels, and that whole sad array who call themselves the freedom caucus.

Remember how Gary Hart was brought down?

He was seen in a photograph looking happy with a WOMAN NOT HIS WIFE ON A WATERCRAFT NAMED “MONKEY BUSINESS”.

In those days of abject naivete the assumption that Hart and the woman MIGHT be indulging in non marital, mutually consensual hanky panky was enough to remove Gary from even the POSSIBILITY of being CONSIDERED for President.

Now being a crotch grabbing rapist doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

I never have trusted cops or christians.

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