Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Don’t Let It Ever Happen Again

I have been watching the PBS NewsHour’s coverage of the D Day remembrance in Normandy.

Inevitably that included interviews with still living veterans of that historic retake of Europe for liberal christian democracy.

One of the interviewees, when asked his advice for today’s generation said “don’t ever let it happen again”.

I am sure he was not being ironic.

But the irony dripped from the facts.

donnie the dildo was there.

he is the mindless architect of the destruction of the world order that Wilson conceived, Roosevelt architected, Truman implemented, Eisenhower made the world order, Kennedy successfully tested and every President since has acknowledged as the cornerstone of America’s world view.

Until donnie.

“he’s a brilliant bidnessman” all his sycophants tell us.

Of course, even if that were true (why then is he hiding his tax filings?) it wouldn’t mean that he ought to be the pretend leader of the free world.

he’s a little light on a lot of things – the fact that Americans pay tariffs not as he says, the Chinese and the Mexicans (but then he lies every time he opens his mouth so we can’t even for sure find him guilty of ignorance) is an example of a not real strong knowledge of much.

One of his lightnesses, however, is a fatal flaw for America and for all the countries of the world that aspire to  Anglo/French/American style democracy.

A prime example: donnie – who his first Secretary of State referred to as a “fucking moron” - has done a yeoman’s job of living up to that description when it comes to the directive of one of the greatest generation; donnie is implementing “letting it happen again”; he seems to revel in “letting it happen again”; but then, we need to remember, he is a fucking moron.

Or is it his roots – donnie drumpf?

I wonder if his being a fucking moron says something about those who allowed him to assume the most important office in the world, history to date?

But coal is king.

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