Tuesday, June 11, 2019

That Fuzzy Little Bird

A while back I posted a bunch of images that my Screen Saver had presented me with and I had screen captured and saved.

That probably sounds pretty stupid since I already have those images since the Screen Saver couldn't have presented them if they weren't already there.

The problem with that idea is that Screen Saver is perusing a file that is over 700 gigabytes.

And most of them haven't been named in English so search doesn't do anything for me if I want to find something.

And anyway, doing the screen capture/saves is a sort of random kind of curating that seems to me to have some cosmic meaning.

That's what I think.

Here is one of my favorite Screen Saver curated images.

It turns out that I took a video of this guy and his siblings and his mother and father and posted it to YouTube.

I had forgotten all about that.

Here is the link:

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