Monday, June 3, 2019

If You Ever Read Catch 22...

… you would immediately recognize this.

This is from The Mueller Report.

It's in the beginning section about Russian interference in the election.

Fat Billie got his redaction pen out and,

voila! c'est nonsense.

But that's what personal lawyers do; they redact.

I am several pages beyond this - previously in the report, earlier than this redaction, there are five people who were indicated to be investigated by the Report: Richard Gates, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen - and two others whose names have been redacted, but the redactions made whatever was being said completely incomplete; so I just shrugged and tried to keep reading.

The reason given for those two redactions was "personal privacy" (I had to contemplate that coming from Fat Billie, the favorite son of donnie the dildo: the chief exponent of rolling back Roe v Wade endorsing "privacy" was, as we say in France risable); but I have lost my thread; my thread is that anybody who thinks Billie the Redactor has the best interests of our Country as the  design point of his being pretend attorney general is ill informed.

But they do have us ("have being used as in 'having been had'").

We've got the Report; Fat Billie has told us what it says; it's so redacted that we can't argue; and I don't suppose that donnie jr. and jared the slime are the two redacted names in the "to be investigated" segment.

Political theatre is one thing and can be at its best uplifting at it's worst instructive: Brexit;  Napoleon faking wanting to have a three man counsel's office; Hitler telling Chamberlain that the Czechs were the last annexation; Kennedy saying that any attack from anywhere would be deemed to be from the Soviet Union.

On the other hand, political farce is just farce and that is the state into which the oldest and greatest democracy has sunk.

And speaking of farce: donnie the dildo talking to the Queen of England?

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