Friday, February 19, 2021

Some Paris Pictures

Eglise St. Severine: these windows are as beautiful as their ancient counterparts in the church, but these are from the Twentieth Century; I think I know that they were replacements for window broken by the nazis and are by Marc Chagall.  But maybe not.


Commerce on la Seine; Pont Neuf is upriver there in the haze.  The tip of Ile de la Cité is its right foot.

Passerelle des Artes at sunrise.

A vestige of greater times.

I was walking back from Jardin des Plantes to Le Depart St. Michel - I was on rue Monge - when two magpies landed in the planters of a first story apartment.  I was able to get this fairly clear picture of one of them.

Paris crows are one of my favorite - and most difficult - subjects.  This one might have been in la Ville de Puteaux on the island of the same name; or it could have been in le Jardin de Luxembourg; or it could have been somewhere else.

Carrots and baskets are my favorite still life subjects.

This is downriver from the naval of the universe.

Piranas at le Aquarium Tropical

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