Monday, February 8, 2021

The Trial: A Pincer Action

 The republicans say that the trial is unconstitutional.

donnie is a private citizen and can't be tried for high crimes and misdemeanors - he's not president.

So, if you time it just right, you can, as president make an attempt at a coup d'état, fail, and be not responsible.

I'm not a lawyer, but I occasionally listen to some - lawyers - and that argument, apparently doesn't stand up.

But if one is a republican,  and one wants to keep the base ravening in one's favor, one talks that trash.


Given the plethora of You Tube video, Facebook video and text posts, and tweets of, by and for the ex "president' the prosecution's case is going to be rich.

In incriminating, excruciating detail.

And that's all evidence.

Evidence of donnie calling for a coup d'état.

Of the United States of America.


All but five republican senators are over hard that the trial is political theatre.

That is a description so subtly rich that it had to come from someone other than the republican senate: they are too stupid to think up a phrase like that.

The "theatre", though, is going to get interesting when we get into the thick of things.

To repeat:

Given the plethora of video and Facebook posts and tweets of  by and for the ex "president' the prosecution's case is going to be rich.

And when that evidence is inexorably and relentlessly presented, on national real time media, a lot of reality TV fans are going to be influenced.

They might even start to shout "you're fired".


The house managers of the trial, unlike their republican senator opponents, are not idiots.

I imagine that they have a compelling video/audio case against the dildo.

And the dildo has a two lawyer team of deviant cretins - lawyers for the mob and dead convicted sex criminals.

But one never knows.

But when the mostly multi-media case has been presented and absorbed by the nation, I believe that a large majority of the nation is going to scream "guilty, guilty, guilty".

(That's an homage to Doonesbury.)

I doubt not that the senate republicans will all vote "not guilty" they all being idiots, and bereft of any moral code beyond white supremacy.

But in the long run the jaws of what actually happened are going to close down on them and their lies.

Like a pincer action in a battle of tanks in a war. 

And they are going to be crushed.

This I believe.

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