Friday, February 12, 2021

trump's Defense: We Sure Hope That Nobody Was Paying Attention

 In 2019 the attorney general of the United States called a press conference a few days before the release of the Mueller Report - the report of a special counsel investigating donald trump's involvement with Russia during the then recent Presidential Election Campaign.

Fat Billie told the gathered members of the press that the report found nothing and exonerated donnie from any malfeasance. 

I guess he was betting that no one would read the Mueller Report because the report didn't say what billie said it said.

The Mueller Report said that there were ongoing and extensive interactions and contacts between various levels of the trump campaign and a large array of Russians but conspiracy is so hard to prove in a court that there would be no use in pursuing conspiracy charges.

Then the Mueller report moved on to the second issue - one that had been induced by the investigation itself: at multiple points throughout the investigation donnie indulged in acts looking a lot like obstruction of justice.

Mueller documented ten of them.

He said that although any or all of those trumpian activities were likely to be provable as obstruction, accepted practice in the justice department precluded indicting a sitting president.

I think, but I can't remember for sure, he concluded that any pursuit of prosecution would need to be conducted by some agency properly accoutered and authorized to conduct such activity.

That would have been the republican senate.

We all know how that came out.

Apparently the trump defense team in donnie's most recent impeachment trial are employing the same hopeful tactic, that nobody saw or heard two days of meticulously, excruciatingly documented evidence for the case that back in June of 2020 donnie began to see that he might lose so he concocted and sold to his base the idea that if he lost, the election was rigged; he beat that drum incessantly through November 8, tried to stop the vote count long before most of them had been counted (he brought his goons in actively at this point - "stop the steal") and when he finally was certified as a loser, he made brief ridiculous feints at the courts and then called in the death star; in December he called a rally of the faithful to come to DC on 6 January and stop the steal. On 6 January hoards of donnie's goons showed up, as requested, in front of the White House.  Various warm up goon speeches, from Don Jr. and Rudy, among others were delivered at high decibel. Then donnie himself wrapped things up: he gave the speech that a lot of us have seen parts of incessantly ever since; in it he called for his goons to go to the Capitol and fight like hell - among other exhortations.

They did and the United States got lucky: the goons couldn't find Mike Pence or Nancy Pelosi or any of the rest of the elected government; they did get some good licks in at the walls, windows, floors and hearts of the Capitol Police; they killed one and injured 140.

It was a good day for the goons.

donnie watched the whole thing on TV.

When they had finished defecating here and there he told them to go in peace and that he loved them.

This morning I heard the trump defense start their case for a not guilty verdict.

It made no reference to the two day case from the prosecution, outlined above; there was no attempt to argue against that case.

Instead it was a series of assertions about how donnie was being mistreated; none of the assertions have any basis in truth or fact, and, anyway, who cares if everybody is picking on donnie?

The buck used to stop there.

And the buck in this case is the Prosecution's case outlined above, not the drivel and whining from an incompetent defense team trying to argue in defense of an undefendable  impeachee.

After ten minutes I had to turn it off; like Bagheera the panther I have no time for the green slime around the water hole.

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