Sunday, September 5, 2021

Another Unlikely Scenario For 2024

 In my post immediately previous to this one I thought about how a presidential election in 2024 could unfold and be a lot like the one in 1912 (or 1992, for that matter).

Another possibility is that various trump acolytes - Pompeo, DeSantis, Haley, Abbot and whatsername from S.D. to name a few -  can't, or choose not to wait for the old man to have another run at it.

Everyone is assuming if trump wants it everybody will stand aside.

What if not?

In that case a lot of blood would be spilled and donnie might not win the nomination.

The dynamic of that situation makes the addition of a strong third party candidate - the premise in the 1912 post - unnecessary to yield the 1912 end result.

That's because the "republican" White Race Party candidate would be the sworn enemy of the trump White Race Party.

It's hard to say what the trump faction might do.

If they don't vote it's probably end game for the candidate who beat trump in the primaries for the nomination.

The Democrat would probably win the popular vote in the 25 White Race Party states and, assuming he or she wins the blue states we would see an Electoral Vote landslide.

But the White Racists are not prone to passivity, so rather than not voting, they would probably caravan up - there are millions of them - and take over their state governments and then take D.C. 

Then we won't need an election.

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