Friday, September 10, 2021

Cinq The Cat

 A few years back a feral cat they we had supposed to be a boy turned out to be a girl.

The evidence for that fact was a plastic drainage tube that had four kittens in it.

My wife took measures that brought them into an out room of the house and she caught the mother and took her to our vet for neutering, chipping and vaccinating.

That cat is still alive and shows up twice a day for her meals, but she won't ever acknowledge that we did anything but ruin her life.

This is a picture of her with some of her kittens.

The arm that she has wrapped around the little girl in front is withered.

She is a three legged cat.

The vet said that there was no fix for it.

As I watch her sometimes flying across the meadow on three legs I marvel.

Anyway, after two or three days my wife kept hearing what sounded like a kitten mewing under the deck.

She finally pulled the access panel and looked down into the gloom and found a fifth kitten; that was Cinq,

He was nearly dead,

But the vet brought him back.

He has always been the deranged member of the three kittens - now cats - that we kept of the five.

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