Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Money: One More Time; But This Is Hopeless

 The Build Back Better Bill.

Also called the Human Infrastructure Bill.

Also called the Reconciliation Bill.

Should be called the Let America's People Survive Bill.

All the republicans and two Democrats say it's way too much money.

Three and a half trillion dollars they say - unheard of, beyond possibility, drives us into the ditch right off of the road to perdition upon which we are already traveling.


This year's budget contains spending of seven hundred billion dollars - that's seven tenths of a trillion dollars - for defense.

Defense - you know, stuff like bailing out of Afghanistan and buying F35 aircraft that nobody wants.

Defense - you know, the line item in the budget that hasn't been and can't be, audited.

The republicans and the Two Democrats are fine with that spending.

By the way, that spending is just for this year.

If one can do ciphers, seven hundred billion over ten years is two times three and a half trillion.

But Ol' Mitch and the Boys are just fine with that seven trillion.

(Kinda like being willing to let the United States default. I guess the south is gonna rise again on the ashes of what the rest of us have managed to cobble together since Ol' Bob and the Boys surrendered.}

However and moreover - those people, the republicans and the democrat two, are primed to renew that amount next year, few or no questions asked, and bump it next year, and next year and next year, and ...

We all want to be safe, I guess; I think seven hundred billion uncontested and growing every year dollars is a high price tag for safety, especially when I see that most of what that seven hundred billion buys is stuff that needs to fobbed off to police departments.

(But there is probably an agenda there, so I will back off.)

I would like someone, each year, to at least argue about the amount, the nature of the purchases and the total lack of control or auditability of almost a trillion defense dollars - yearly.

The Build Back Better Bill is for ten years, so, if passed into law, it would spend three hundred and fifty billion dollars a year on us, on our kids, grandkids, their education, our education - if any of us want to go back and become less ignorant - elder care, expanded Medicare and a laundry list of stuff that a real country, particularly the richest one in history, probably ought to provide for its citizens.

The fact that providing those things can return multiple dollars on every dollar spent, and make America a real contender on the world stage in the Twenty First and beyond makes the proposition even more compelling.

And the three and a half trillion will be paid for: a lot of us make enough money feed ourselves and stay out of the poor house and pay 12 or 13 or more percent of our income in Federal Taxes every year; a lot other of us make enough money to need to build a smaller yacht to be the dingy for our 417 foot long mother craft; that group of us pay 0.98% Federal Taxes; the Build Better Bill pays for the three and a half trillion by having the big boy yacht class pay up into the measurable percent range on their income tax.

The seven hundred billion a year and escalating budget line item for random wars, tanks and AK47s for police departments and F35s is just magically there; no republicans, nor their two Democrat clones need to hyperventilate about how much money that is.

Because it's just there.

They don't need to be on record about it; it might as well not even exist.

It's just there and they can spend it.

But come on America: are y'all really that dumb?

Does stuff that really needs to be done just get blown away because Lying Mitch and the Boys plus Two are real happy with how things are - and always have been?

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