Tuesday, September 28, 2021

... Now Don't Get Ahead Of Me


My son sent me a link to this new item this morning.

I immediately posted it on Facebook with comment:

"Thanks to my son Joe I was a little bit ahead of this one.  I posted this on 6 September: Noel McKeehan: Adventures and Opinions: Still More About Twenty Twenty Four (noellivefromparis.blogspot.com) Since it's from Fox News it may just be them trying to set up a mud wrestling match, but it may be serious; they called Arizona for Biden, after all."

To which Joe responded:

"Mud wrestling match is a good call. 

"My current prediction is when it looks like she will take the GOP nod, the orange one will declare a third party using his ‘membership card’ that he is hawking. The one with the Nazi eagle on it.  GOP splits, Dems win with whomever they put up when joe declines.  Not sure it will be Harris, could be wrong."

My current last thought on this is the observation that Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom have been career-long adversaries.

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