Thursday, September 9, 2021

Guns No More In The Hands Of Nuts

 I am not a lawyer.

But I watch a lot of Public Television.

And I listen to a lot of Public Radio.

So I might know more than I think.

About the Texas rescind abortion law.

Apparently Ol' Greg and the Boys passed a law that is blatantly anti-Constitutional but delegated its enforcement to each individual citizen of Texas.

Which took the onus of enforcement from the state of Texas.

And put that onus on - nobody - as far as the law, apparently, is concerned.

And put a bounty on that delegation of enforcement.

$10,000 and legal fees.

All a citizen needs to do is to report somebody in Texas - of whatever it is that this law holds heinous, or, I think I have heard, anything that the reporter deems to be aberrant about the reported - and a cut and paste, autolaw system pops into action; the accused needs to retain counsel; the accuser needs only to await his or her bounty.

No cost, no liability.

Bounties aside, I am unable to ignore the similarities of the results of this law's enforcement to the witch hysteria and trials in Salem Massachusetts back a few years.

That society deputized hysterical people to report on their fellows when they were discovered doing witch stuff. 

This "abortion" (a legal term for certain types of laws, not the medical procedure under fire) went to the Supreme Court and they said it had novel aspects that were hard to evaluate.

So they wouldn't talk about it.

And they all went out to drink beer.

With the Rapist on the Court.

Seth Meyers asked the obvious question: what are we paying these people for?

But back to why I am writing this.

The "novel aspects" can easily be pasted into laws in other states

I say let's pass laws that ban gun ownership.

And that make it a capital offence for a policeman to kill another human being.

And that makes it a firing offence for any public service employee to make inflammatory posts on social media (inflammatory having been defined as "racist").

And that make any assertion of election impropriety that is "just talkin'" a mandatory 50 year in prison offence.

And that make vaccination mandatory.

There are so many more.

But that's enough.

So: cut and paste Texas' bounty terms and conditions into every one of THOSE laws and bash THE COURT when it says you can't have that law - even though it is Texas' law - and THE COURT has already endorsed it,

You can't have it both ways.

Unless the Rabbit Lady prevails.

Coney: Rabbit.

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