Thursday, October 14, 2021

Faira Rose Faucet

 It's been a slow few days for me in blogland.

I haven't lashed out in anger once.

So I guess I have to do another fun one.

The last two fun ones have been about our cats; so also is this one.

This is about Rose, Alfie and Cinq's sister.

First, I said last time that I would explain the "Faucet" part of Rosie's name.

Here is a picture explaining it.

She was really little.

Here are some more, some when she was little, some now that she is bigger.

She often lapses into reveries.

The phone cord attacked her and made her spill kibble around.

What's around this corner?

Pardon me?

She likes pinot blanc.

Rose and Cinq in the sink

Alfie trying to figure how to get into the bed with his sister.

That's a long way down.

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