Thursday, October 21, 2021

Jack And Me

 I wrote a lot about my friend Jack in Screen Saver, and, by derivation, in Saigon 1967.

Among his many recommending talents was taking pictures - photography.

He was the unofficial photographer of Central Catholic High School when we were in attendance there.

He adopted a color Polaroid  camera early and took amazing pictures with it.

We used to take it on our hunting trips.

Somewhere there is a perfect picture of a just shot mallard duck.

It was good then; I cringe now.

How sad; but that was how it was then.

Here are a few of his pictures.

Actually, I took this one; that's Jack waving; we were on Owyhee reservoir in eastern Oregon. 

 We caught quite a large number of Croppies, for which Owyhee is famous.

Notice that it looks a lot like Mars.

 This was taken of me by Jack with a black and white Polaroid in Nha Bey Vietnam where Jack flew round the clock Huey missions; I was on a day off from HQ War in Vietnam Saigon; Jack wanted me to see what the war was like in reality and how stupid all of it was; I was allowed to participate in "The Passing of Out" a ceremony Jack and his cubicle mate had invented; I have never ceased being glad that I had had that opportunity to celebrate a stupid war.

After the war we both left the military and returned to the Pacific Northwest.  I have some fairly good hunting stories from those days in Saigon 1967 and Screen Saver. Of especial interest might be the final chapter of Saigon; it sums up a lot of things, among them the number of missions jack flew that were so many that there was no way to honor them on the medal that honored them.

Here are a couple pictures of a couple of our expeditions.  Jack took these pictures, probably with my Pentax Spotmatic,  I bought that when I was in the war effort; it was the only good thing that came out of that debacle.

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