Wednesday, October 13, 2021

So I Guess The Muslim World Needs To Pony Up

 I keep hearing new reports complete with various "speakers for all of us" demanding that the world help Afghanistan.

Everything there has collapsed.

Its government doesn't seem to be able to fix the problem.

I sympathize with the Afghan people, but I can't see how or why the rest of the World would ameliorate the conditions wrought by the Taliban, a terrorist muslim sect - kinda the muslim version of the Ku Klux Klan.

It seems to me that if the problems there are to be fixed the Muslim World needs to step up and help their terrorist brothers.

I mean, how stupid, really, are the rest of us?

Why would we help our sworn blood - they swore, we didn't - enemies?

If things are to be fixed, the talibs need to get help from the International Muslim Food Bank, and the International Muslim Clearing and Lending Bank, and the International Muslim Trucking Association, and the International Muslim Peacekeepers Militia, and the International Muslim Monetary Fund and all those other high profile Muslim organizations of which MuslimLand is so proud.

I'd volunteer the US, French and British Air Forces in a minute to get all Afghans out of Afghanistan to the free world, but that's as far as I could imagine going to use world based assets to help in Afghanistan; and that help wouldn't be being offered to help a 6th Century muslin terrorist organization with the mess they have created; it would be being offered to let a hapless and decent people get out of the 6th Century and into a place where they could use their god given talents, and multiply, and prosper, and be our brothers and sisters.

Their homeland apparently is not suitable for human habitation anymore.

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