Friday, January 7, 2022

They Really Believe The Lies

 Initially, as the donnie movement took shape, dimension and direction, I shrugged.

"I guess a lot of us don't have enough to do" I said to myself.

But then he was elected.

"I guess we'll have to see if he has staying power" I said to myself.

Staying power was still in the future when on inauguration day he started lying: "biggest inauguration day crowd in history".

That was the first of tens of thousands of lies down through the next four years.

But the Capital Lie - the Big Lie - was kept to the end: he decided to say that he had won the 2020 election even though he had lost handily.

"I guess that will fall on deaf ears" I said to myself.

But it didn't.

Fall on deaf ears.

The ears of millions of morons were listening and believed.

And a large minority of Americans started shouting "stop the steal".

"They are just throwing a tantrum" I said to myself.

But they weren't throwing a tantrum; they really believed that donnie had been robbed.

When I accepted the fact that the donnies all really believe that he had the election stolen from him something else fell into place in my understanding of things.

Somewhere between 64% to 87% of Americans believe in god.

Americans come in an amazing number of religious flavors, but the main ones are Christian, Jew, Mormon and Muslim.

Those are the so-called Triad, with late breaking news coming from the fourth, the Mormons who seem to mix Islam with George R. Martin.

The Jews were, by most accounts (the Egyptians probably were really the ones) the first humans to decide to stew down to one all the forces of time, tide, nature and happenstance that they had previously worshipped as separate gods into one pissed off mother of a god.

But the Christians were the first to take the mono god to prime time.

After Pentecost the 12 went out on business sales trips all over the Roman empire.

Having a huge geography peaceably cowed to Rome made a perfect sales environment for the apostles and their franchisees.

I have read opinions that St Paul - the 13th Apostle - had the first, and to this day one of the most successful, franchise operations in history.

Islam had a guy who thought the idea of a holy book as the basis for a religion was a bang-up concept, so he wrote a holy book from scratch.

And that turned out well.

And the Mormons were founded by a guy who liked the Muslim model, so he wrote his own holy book.

All four of these religions are monotheistic.

The Roman Catholic version of those "monotheists" belies that belief.

The following is a brief explanation of the Triune God of Christianity, as remembered from my high school religion class. 

God the Father, the omni Being (omni-present, omni-scient, omni-potent, etc.) is, always has been, and always will be. As the ultimately intelligent of beings, self-awareness, is, always has been, and always will be one of His characteristics. That self-awareness, emanating as it does from an omni-being (-scient et al) is a separate being, and, of necessity, co-exists, has co-existed and will co-exist with its source.  That co-existing being - the Son, the Christ, due to its source must of necessity be co-equal and therefore also be omni-.  As these two beings have perceived, do perceive and will perceive one another, over all time and outside of all time, they have perceived, do perceive and will perceive perfection (one of the heretofore unlisted omnis). That perception also is, was and will be a being co-equal - the Holy Ghost.

Sounds like Polytheism wrapped in bullshit to me.

And then there is that cannibal thing of the "body and blood" at consecration and communion.

But somewhere between 64% and 87% of Americans believe that stuff.

So how can I be surprised that they believe donnie and the big lie?

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