Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Two Recent WTFs

 Verizon and AT&T are finally spending the money to play in the Twenty First Century networking business; they have shifted money from advertising campaigns touting their non-existent 5G networks to actually deploying 5G networks.

Their deployment started in 2020 when they bought bandwidth from the US Federal Government.

There wasn't a peep of resistance to that purchase or the deployment of the networks that would reside on that bandwidth until a few days ago.

Suddenly the American airline industry sees a looming catastrophe: it looks to them as if the frequency of the bandwidth purchased by AT&T and Verizon are too close to the frequency of the airlines' landing control systems; leakage across the spectrums might be possible.

Europe and Asia already have 5G with no detrimental effect to their airlines.

I, erroneously, recently posted that those airlines had kept their landing control systems leak proof by iterative investment in improved control systems; the truth is, they had accepted the recommendations of their communications regulatory commissions and airline regulatory commissions to buy frequencies quite distant from future 5G-likely frequencies, totally far enough away from each other to make "leakage" a moot point - just a talking point for some hysterical minority somewhere.

So, what I attributed in that post to investment by Asian and European airlines - a system not leakable to 5G - was really the product of Asian and European regulatory competence: their "FAA' and their "FCC"  talk to each other.

Why don't the FCC and the FAA talk to each other?



The Russian military - defense - budget in 2020 was 61.7 billion dollars.

That was down a few billion from the previous year.

I don't know what the 2021 budget was.

The US Senate, including Tinkerbell and the Coal Troll recently passed the American military - defense - budget for fiscal 2022: 768 billion dollars.

For one year.

Noticing that one of our candidate client states - Ukraine - is about to be invaded and taken over by Russia, I have to ask: "WTF". 

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