Monday, January 17, 2022

Tinkerbell And The Coal Troll

Who am I referring to with these fanciful nicknames?

OK, I'll tell you: Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Senator Joseph Manchin.

Why am I using nicknames instead of their - perfectly usable - real names and real titles?

OK, I'll tell you: because they are both living in their own little fabulous fable, totally independent of common humanity or widely accepted reality.

Only "characters" with fanciful names inhabit fabulous fables, not "Senators".

So I needed to cast them as characters, not as Senators.

Since both are occupying his or her independent little bubble in space and time why am I putting them together in an amalgamated statement?

OK, I'll tell you.

It's because their little fantasies have an effect on the rest of us that cause their bubbles to merge.

And that effect and that merger are easily discerned and easily described.

They each have just enough power to affect the future of the rest of us with malign result; when they exit the stage, only the smell of pointless and aimless willfulness will remain.

Or, said another way, they will leave a wispy little fog floating above the ruins of a presidency that the rest of us all desperately wanted to be successful.

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