Sunday, February 6, 2022

A Simple Proposition To Understand

 It seems to me that once all the bipolar theatrics are stripped away from massive Russian troops being deployed in a pinscher shape around Ukraine, we will see the obvious purpose of that deployment to be manifest: The 30,000 or so in Belarus are about fifty miles from Kiev; the 100,000 or so on the eastern Ukrainian border can come across in minutes and solidify the already accomplished fact of Russian possession of eastern Ukraine and the 20,000 or so on the Crimean peninsula can  circle in from underneath like corn shot up the ass of a Christmas goose.

Looks like annexation complete.

So what will the EU, NATO and the US do about it?


And that is because the only effective counter-move is nuclear war.

And that would not turn out well for anyone, so Ukraine is toast.

Keep tuned for the same action from China on Taiwan.

Anyone who plays bridge will recognize a crafty finesse by Russia to their trump - massive nuclear capability - on the board.  

So what are the American people getting for their 780 BILLION DOLLAR annual defense budget?

Checkmate on the world chess board.

Must be a cheaper way to get nothing.

Maybe we could re-direct several hundred billion yearly to America's people?


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