Sunday, February 27, 2022

I Think The Tapestry Is A Clue

 But I have no idea where I might have shot this image.

At first, I thought la Louvre, but no.

I went to Honfleur once, for the day, but I spent most of the day on the bus there and the bus back to La Havre, and I don't remember anything but an hour or so walk around one of the most charming manifestations of human habitation that I have ever experienced; I don't remember leaving the streets to go inside anything like a museum.

Other than that, I spent the day in a fabulous waterfront creperie having a leisurely lunch of buckwheat crepes - galettes - and glasses of wine.

I may have had a crepe flambeau for dessert.

Then I got back on the bus.

But I have this image.

I think it is quite beguiling.

I think it is a wood carving.

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