Monday, February 14, 2022

So What's To Talk About?

 Putin has encircled Ukraine and filled the Black Sea with Russian naval craft.

And he keeps saying that America is hysterical.

Those moves are just good training for his military.

I guess that must be true.

Because Putin has said so.

But America says that Russia is going to rush across the frozen ground - once it's frozen - and dash to Kiev and declare unity: little russia - Ukraine - and Mother Russia.

Mother Russia is a myth, but Napoleon and Hitler inadvertently reinforced the myth.

Russia is not invincible, it's just too big to be taken by a traditional land force - even of the type of the Wehrmacht - and its awful weather enhances that fact so, when Russia gathers force on its western frontier, and threatens whoever is on the other side of that frontier, a question immediately arises.

"Since we know that sending a conventional army into Russia from its western border will duplicate Napoleon's experience, what is the alternative that might work"?

There is only one answer.

Nuclear war.

What a stupid answer.

And what a stupid impasse.

A trumped-up impasse.

So why doesn't Russia just join NATO and the EU?

Because that would make sense.

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