Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Ones That Didn't Go To College Are Being Screwed? This Is A Really Mean Post But I Don't Know How Else To Say It

 George W. Bush supposedly said that there is no word in the French language for "entrepreneur".

I never knew whether that was true or not; but I savored it.

What a great summary of a sub-standard president, I said to myself.

I talked to myself a lot in those days.

But who knows?

That remark was probably invented in the hate republican office of the Democratic Party.


It probably was never said.

Today, Joe Biden, by Executive Order, relieved millions of young Americans from predatory college loan debt.

Most of those young Americans are not white.

They are all, to a person though, entrepreneurs.

They have made an investment in themselves and their futures.

Unfortunately, the same system that brought us the 2008 economic catastrophe took predatory advantage of these young people and their parents.

The president is doing something to rectify that wrong.

So, as a matter of white supremacist course, the republicans are up in arms.

It's interesting, though.

What they are up in arms about are two things.

Both entirely bogus.

One thing is that they are invoking a vision of a country ravaged by students, recently relieved of bone crushing - the bankers always win - debt going willy nilly into the streets and starting to irrationally spend Uncle Joe's recently (all for the midterms) administered largesse; that will drive inflation into hyperdrive.

What a horror: non-white citizens with enough money to buy groceries.

Always remember, and never forget, Ol" Mitch and the boys want to reinforce the already deep vein of serfdom in America; until they get a mostly subservient class, they won't feel comfortable in their jobs.

Ol' Mitch keeps getting re-elected by a mostly serf state.

So it's a thing to consider.

If you don't live in Kentucky.

But back to the things.

That the republicans are up in arms about.

The second thing is that debt-freeing those nonwhite people who took a risk, and trusted the banks, and were screwed, will be done to the gross disadvantage of a whole class of whites; they are the whites who didn't take out predatory loans; they didn't take any risks; they certainly didn't go to college; they just sat and watched the industry that had previously justified their location as a town evaporate; they sat there like deer in the head lights; they were just hapless  - we've always done it this way -  low performing, god fearing white folks: the base of the republican party.

Or they saw their various "skills" replaced from elsewhere.

But they were god fearing white Americans and they shouldn't need to adjust to change.

Those god-fearing whites apparently didn't have aspirations, or dreams, they just wanted to go into the mine, down deep; or they wanted to turn the same wrench on the same line at the same station where their grandfather had  turned his wrench and when they came out of the mine or out of the factory, they just wanted to get lost at the pub; god knows, I understand that; but just because THEY didn't have aspirations, or dreams, shouldn't preclude a major part of "the rest of us" from having them.

Always remember and never forget, Ol' Mitch and the boys have told those god-fearing whites that they are noble for their servitude.

And for their whiteness.

Nonwhites with options outside of the mine are a threat to all that makes Ol' Mitch an influencer.

So: the question on the table is whether we ought to sit idly by and let the predatory bankers screw all of those non-white entrepreneurs who have been willing to take the risk.

 Instead of going into the mines.

But always remember and never forget republicans are first and always liars.

And they wouldn't let all those nonwhites in the mine anyway.

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