Friday, August 19, 2022

A New Patriotic Web Site:

Irony is lost on many.
Lest I be burned at the stake for this post, I call your attention to a fact.
This is irony.
Maybe even satire.
But I shouldn't get above my raisin'.


This is your president posting.

It's the first post of a great new and huge national patriotic website.

Huge and great, great and huge and number one on Google.

Even number one on Bing.

Bing is from that loser Bill Gates.

He's such a loser.

Lives in Seattle.

City of losers.

They say Joe Biden is president.

Never was; never will be.


I am your president.

I never was not your president and will never stop being such (your president).

The deep state is after me.

They invaded my beautiful Florida home.

All had pizza slices and pedophile pornography.

Milania freaked.

Thought they were my sons.

Anyway - they even took a shit in my toilet.

The solid gold was defiled.

Defiled is a word I learned from Mark Milley.

Milley is a loser.

But I like his words.

So, now that we know where the traitors are - the FBI - let's all get out on the streets and kill them all.

You will not be replaced.

So, kill them all.

Remember I am your president and we also need to kill Mike Pence.

Pence is a loser.

Be a winner.

Hang Mike Pence.

That's all for now.

More tomorrow.

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