Thursday, August 18, 2022

A Father's Late Term Observations To A Son

 My son recently sent me an email expressing some - mostly ironic - concerns about imminent nuclear immolation.

I had to reply with equal irony.

Or at least significant futility.

Or some other "ly" ending word.

I think those are usually adverbs.

He said: 

"We have a lot of eyes on this, recording.  Drones or sats.  Was hoping I would not be a part of the next rounds of active nukes…"

So I said:

"I had thought I was going to slide out just ahead of the conflagration (hear Lonnie Donegan singing?) let alone the coming nuclear bake off.

 But with blood and gore declared as the future of America, Ol' Puty doesn't want to be upstaged.

Have a nice day."

That's French Flag; the Russians have horizontal stripes.

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