Saturday, August 26, 2023

Seeing The End Of Us

 Joe Biden has been a good president.

He has proposed more sweeping change to America's social policy than, maybe, any president.

Not surprisingly, the creme de la creme of his proposals have gone down in republican fury driven shrieks of "no"; a couple of Democrats helped in those shrieks.

So we don't have quality affordable child care/pre-K education.

The corollary of not having that is that we won't have a new generation of Americans mentally, physically and socially healthy enough to compete for our country on the World Stage. And we have an entire segment of our population unable to work because they can't afford the cost of having their children taken care of while they work. And so they may end up homeless because they can't afford typical rent AND the cost of food.

So we don't have an upgrade to a real, world class, universal health care system; we have fat cat insurance companies picking profit from a purposely designed Swiss cheese matrix of health coverage.

The corollary of not having that is streets replete with sick people, many of them homeless, driven to homelessness by unpayable medical bills.

So we don't have an actual, constituted and funded comprehensive elder care system.

The corollary of not having that is, yeah, again, homelessness.

There are many more things we don't have, that we need, that we deserve, that every other citizen in the developed world has, but that can't be allowed to us, in a post human america, that Joe proposed, and that have gone down in republican shrieks, in concord with two democrats.

And those missing things all have their very real, very negative corollaries.

Joe has done his best.

But it has been far from enough.

And he's old.

He may not live through a second term should he get one.

And his Vice President is about as prepared for the presidency as was Harry Truman; in the case of Harry, he brushed his apparent lack of qualification aside and became one of the great presidents; so who knows?

And the most likely opposition candidate to Joe is a sociopathic, narcissistic idiot who may be fading into delusional senility; hell, he may be in prison when/if he were elected; or he may die of a stroke while raving irrationally on some social network or other.

Jacques showed up here on the Island the other day muttering about the lack of ferry service; when he quit muttering he said he had come to take me to the Council again.

I am considering it,

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