Sunday, August 13, 2023

Chapter One: How It All Started, Again

Peter thought to himself "I guess I'm going to need to clean house pretty soon.

"I hate to waste a moment of my few remaining moments on that soul killing sort of activity, but I guess I am going to have to do it,

"After all, the spider webs are beginning to occlude the light from the ceiling fixtures, and those fixtures are high bright LCDs".

A high pitched, metallic sounding "voice" rejoined.

"Yes, I think it's time. But leave our food traps, please".

That voice was the voice of Sophia, one of the many spiders that had moved in with Peter over the years.

Alfie, an apparently big orange cat, but actually a fluidly mobile entity, spoke.

"Peter, we need you to start writing again.

"You said another was imminent, and it is getting REALLY IMMINENT.

"And it can't happen if you don't write it".


The metallic sound of the word "bullshit" made Peter start to laugh; Sophia, if anything, was a proper lady; "bullshit" would not have been thought to be a part of her mental processes, let alone her ready-to-use vocabulary.

But she used it. 

Peter started laughing, stopped, started again, and then could not stop.

Choking ensued.

Things calmed down and Alfie, Peter and Sophia stared at one another.

Peter had told Sophia of his adventures with Bert, Cinq, Rose, Genji, Lancelot and Alfie when Alfie had appeared one day at 98118, the residence Peter, Sophia, and the rest of the 98118 spiders share; he was sneezing amongst the spider webs, but otherwise seemed to know his way around.

"This looks just like Bert told me it looked" he said.

Sophia immediately identified Alfie as kindred, although he had half as many legs as she.

After all, Peter only had two.


And she had accepted him.

So, staring at each other after the "bullshit" they had every component of an ability to sort things out.

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