Friday, August 25, 2023

Lying Bastards

I asked Bing a question: "who did T Mobile merge with recently?"

The answer came back succinctly.

"T-Mobile merged with Sprint Corporation in 2020 in an all shares deal for $26 billion. The deal was announced on April 29, 2018. After a two-year-long approval process the merger closed on April 1, 2020, with T-Mobile emerging as the surviving brand. The Sprint brand was discontinued by T-Mobile on August 2, 2020".

(In a previous life I knew a lot of really great people who lived in Kansas City and proudly worked for a major KC Corporation - Sprint.  They owned homes and went to Chiefs games; a lot of them lived in Johnson County too. I guess that's all gone now.)

I heard a clip on NPR the other day of the CEO of T Mobil testifying to Congress a while back.

I think it was back when Congress was taking testimony related to the T Mobil/Sprint merger.

It was a short clip.

CEO whoever-his-name-is/was said something like "when we merge with Sprint we will create thousands of jobs".

Yesterday NPR Local said that T Mobile had just announced a layoff of 5000 jobs.

Today NPR Local reminded all of us listeners of the 5000 T Mobil layoff announced yesterday.

I guess today was a slow news day.

In addition, NPR Local supplemented that snippet with the new news (to me it was new) "T Mobile, we have discovered, had already laid off 9000 employees before today, since the merger".

14,000 Americans have lost their jobs so far in that job-growing transaction.

Kurt Andersen's Evil Geniuses needs to be required reading.

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