Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Potpourri And News Snippets: 081523 - Napoleon's Birthday

From Atlanta: RICO? How appropriate. But donnie the dildo is still no Michael Corleone.

But the polls say nay: donnie the dildo is in a dead heat with Joe.

There are surveys yet unpublished trying to answer the question, "how can so many Americans be so fucked up".

Perhaps not coincidentally there are questions not yet surveyed "how can so fucked up be American?"

Chris Christie has taken over second place in New Hampshire.

Casey DeSantis has been heard muttering about castration as a marital rite.

 Alternatively, Casey DeSantis has been heard muttering that castration is good for the republican gene pool.

Ron DeSantis has not been seen for 14 days.

Joe plans to travel to Lahaina as soon as they can clean everything up that could trip him.

Gavin says he will "walk barefoot through the coals" of Lahaina.

Bad taste is rampant in all current internet posts about Lahaina.

donnie the dildo announces that he will, at a press conference, "reveal the steal".

Editorial Opinion: donnie the dildo is no Michael, no matter how hard he scrunches his anus.

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