Wednesday, August 30, 2023

McConnell: A Brilliant Gambit: The Extended Steak House Theory

 Ol' Mitch had another trip elsewhere today.

The pictures we have all seen tell a pretty graphically obvious story.

Ol' Mitch just went elsewhere, again, today.

A vacuum at the podium.

Some might say.

I certainly did.

After all, it was an identical replay of Ol' Mitch at the podium a few weeks back.

When he just wasn't there.

I think that it's time to give credit to the greatest actor since John Wilkes Booth:  Addison Mitchell McConnell, Jr.

Remember the meeting of key republicans in that steak house after Obama won?

Remember that Ol' Mitch was the ring leader?

Remember that Ol' Mitch said that from that day forward all those eaters of steak would make sure that Obama was a one term president?

Remember that Obama won a second term?

Ol' Mitch was pissed,

Now we have another situation that has Ol' Mitch pissed.

Joe Biden is President.

Ol' Mitch sees a problem for Joe.

Joe Biden is old.

"I think I have an idea" Ol' Mitch said to himself.

Ol' Mitch is old - same age as Biden, same age as me.

"I think I can take that son of a bitch out" said Ol' Mitch to himself.

So Ol' Mitch has started having "episodes".

He doesn't have to stand for re-election until 2026.

So he can do anything he wants.

The Senate works that way.

The "anything he wants", though, is interesting.

What he wants is to kill Joe's re-election; remember the steak house?

New steak house.

Ol' Mitch will be in line for this year's Oscars in the category: "most politically astute and sociologically damaging".

He is making sure that the American people can see in real time one of their major leaders shrivel.

He is hoping that they will transfer that vision, and any related concern, to Joe,

If it can happen to Mitch, it can happen to Joe.

So he hopes that they will think.

You have to hand it to Ol' Mitch.

Damn, that's leadership.

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