Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Patrick Henry Is Passe

I just heard a snippet from material created by Prager U, a non-university, not an education institution non-profit founded by a conservative (conservative being that new description of racist-fascist nut cases) radio personality.

The snippet features Christopher Columbus making an observation.

"Being taken as a slave is better than being killed, non?"

(This delivered with a faux Spanish accent.)

I guess we've moved beyond "give me liberty or give me death".

It should be noted that this is also part of the new State of Florida public education curriculum.

That curriculum holds, therefore, that it's better to be a slave than dead, and that, in any event, slaves get a lot of useful skills.

I understand that one session is devoted to screening Gone with the Wind for the students.

It's a relief to see a governor and a state take such care to avoid indoctrinating young with all that crazy left wing woke stuff.

Just the basics.

That's all they need.

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