Thursday, August 3, 2023

Losing Is Not An Option

 Nor is going to jail.

In the dawning era of the MAGAFASC party, any election lost is an election rigged.

Any crime detected and brought to trial is a witch-hunt.

Intuitively - leave the intellect out of the equation - that sounds messed up.

Winning has always been the province of the good guys, so an election won, we used to believe, indicated who was best.

And shooting someone between the eyes on Fifth Avenue used to be, obviously a crime.

But in the new era the acid test of good, bad, fair, foul, or even real, is the MAGA TEST: "If we don't win, or we go to jail, how corrupt a land do we inhabit; we need to tear it down and burn it up; and the Great Leader will prevail for eternity".

But nobody could believe that.


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