Thursday, June 1, 2017

Firsts Today

Two firsts today:

I got to downtown Anacortes about 0730 this morning. There were three deer crossing the street in front of The Island Cafe where I was going to breakfast. 

Later I was in the exit lane to College Street in Mt Vernon - actually off the freeway and slowing down as I approached the stop light- and a guy in a huge red Ford pickup passed me on the left, cut in front and slammed on his brakes at the light, which was also red. 

Since the day is not yet over I am looking forward with bated breath (the old joke is "I've been eating worms") for whatever number three may turn out to be.

Or, it may already have happened: I was at the Drivers License office and a guy ahead of me started shouting that he didn't need to prove he was a citizen and that he didn't think immigrants should get drivers licenses, and some other - LOUD - stuff; and then he stormed out. 

I kept waiting for him to come back with a gun and kill all of us. 

I actually had a plan for stopping him if he re-appeared; luckily he didn't.

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