Monday, June 5, 2017

Donnie The Deranged

It seems that the most recent round of tweets should pretty well wrap up the package for commitment.

Not impeachment – commitment.

Adding up all the delusions we have been subjected to since inauguration day – Obama bugging trump tower and all the rest – it would seem only natural that a crew of white coated medics armed with nets would be gathering in the bushes around the White House.

And the weekend barrage seems to me to have sealed the deal.

What form of deranged outlook would cause the ostensive President of the United States to attack the Mayor of London in the midst of a major terror attack on that Mayor’s City?

I don’t know what form – I probably could Google it, but I don’t have that much clinical interest.

I do know it is deranged.

And since I think the world still needs a rational person in the White House that worries me.

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