Friday, June 2, 2017


We are two slogans into the Twenty First Century.

And based on the results – of the slogans – I don’t think we can stand any more.


Or results.

First it was a hoard of white people who all woke up one morning in 2010 and started shouting “take our country back”.

At first I was mystified.

But I quickly translated the shouts of the Tea Party.

They  wanted to take the Presidency back from “that black man” (editorial nicety invoked).

And that worked out well.

We now have a “taken back” national legislature that is utterly dysfunctional.

Next we got to “Make America Great” again.

As with taking our country back – I had not known that we had lost it – I was unaware that we had ceased to be great.

So now we have a fat man in a clown suit masquerading as President of the United States.

His accomplishments to date have included

1.Alienating every alliance and relationship that we have fostered and managed with care and expert diplomatic husbandry – spanning every presidency since 1932;

2. Making the United States the laughing stock of the world by inept lies and ignorant assertions;

3. abandoning the uncontested position of World Leader that has been America’s place since 1945;

4. Accepting multiple emoluments from China;

5.Ceding world leadership in emerging energy technologies to China;

To name only a few.

There are lots more.

That can be viewed as being “Great” only by the demented.

I don’t think we can stand any more slogans.

Except perhaps “impeach the bastard”.

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