Thursday, June 15, 2017

How Erdogan Helped Make America Great Again

After Erdogan won an election in which Islamic fundamentalists constituting a majority voted to continue to dismantle any semblance of modernity and decency in Turkey, donnie congratulated him profusely for his great victory and invited him to the White House.

Some American citizens don’t like the dictatorial direction Erdogan is headed.

A lot of them demonstrated – the Constitution says that’s OK.

Erdogan’s thugs beat a bunch of them up.

The thugs left.

Warrants for their arrest have been issued.

The thugs have thumbed their noses at those warrants from turkey.

Gay laughter to the fade.

Fade to grim.

Fade from grim.

donnie remains silent on the deal.

But he did tweet today that he is the victim of the greatest witch hunt, etc. etc. etc.

And Puty said from Moscow today that Russians are victims of American – I forget what the rest of what it was.

And that’s what has made us great again.

Great again, great again, great again, again and again.

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