Monday, June 19, 2017

Maybe It’s The Full Moon?

This afternoon I heard an interview with the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party.

It was unsettling.

I am used to trump lying; he can’t talk without lying so that’s easy to deal with; one knows that there is nothing of value – other than perhaps as a substitute for a trip to the fun house at Coney Island - any time the president says anything, or tweets anything.

And that is pretty much true of anyone I can think of who has the laughable position of being a part of the trump “administration”.

They are a mutant group, a species apart, and I don’t expect anything resembling truth or reality to come from any of them.

And it doesn’t.

But this interview with Susan Hutchison was different: as far as I have been aware – in spite of not much basis for agreement with her about things – she is a normal, non mutant member of the same species of which I am a member.

But no.

Everything she said dealt with a place and time that I have never been and have never even heard of.

And that was unnerving.

The interview was long enough – ten minutes or so – that she talked about a lot of things.

To have none of those things touch anywhere near the earth that I inhabit caused a very loud alarm bell to ring.

I just don’t have such a high opinion of or level of confidence in my intelligence, quality of education or basic grip on reality that I think that what I think is above question or reproach.

But to have a web of statements weave a world of which I have no experience or knowledge has shaken me to the core: if her version is the real deal I am more stupid than I sometimes feel, more uneducated and uninformed than I sometimes fear and have slipped more cogs than I knew that I had.

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