Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Impending Implosion?

Anyone who could describe the shambles that is the Executive Branch of the United States Government as a functioning entity can only be described as deranged.

Or, alternately, they might be described as trump voters.

Or coal miners.

So I guess everything must be going real good down there in DC.

But seriously, the continued comfort level of the deranged doesn’t banish from consideration an obvious question: can the majority of us who voted for other than donnie afford to continue to stand by and watch the Central Government cease to exist?

What if Kim Jong-un smuggles a saran bomb into San Francisco airport?

What if the Russians invade Estonia?

What if several of the multitude of militias that exist in the US carve out small defendable chunks of territory and declare to be independent trump enabled white supremacist republics?

Or …

The head of the shambles, donnie the deranged, if any of these events were to occur, would immediately blame Obama and Bush for whatever of these, or other, unnamed here, catastrophes and move on with some pithy tweets about how much he admires Duterte..

How long can we – that fairly large group of Americans who “told you so” stand around watching our country fall apart?

A unique question in American history.

If it gets answered it is going to be interesting.

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