Saturday, March 17, 2018

Conspiracy Not Collusion

This is an Americans Only post.

I am deeply saddened and disturbed to have concluded that our last rampart against losing everything that America has struggled over ages to be and to become is only one man.

Robert Mueller is the last man standing against the rapidly creeping trump conspiracy.

The most recent designed play by donnie is to have Gollum fire McCabe.

That gives donnie cover, after the mysteriously appropriately timed republican House of Representatives committee report saying “no collusion; we quit” report, to claim total FBI corruption and get Mueller put to sleep.

“It's not collusion" is what donnie has sold under this smoke screen.

Collusion is not a crime; conspiracy is.

That’s why donnie has sold the “there was no collusion” sham.

But conspiracy is what donnie has done.

Indeed, not collusion.

I believe that this is going to made a published fact before long.

And our institutions are proving to be incapable of withstanding it.


As long as the governing party has no interest in governing, checks and balances don't check and balance.

They just hang limply at the side of the “Main Show”: the elimination of our Republic.

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