Saturday, March 17, 2018

I Have No Solution To Our National Nightmare Problem

Impeach trump?

Why do that?

If it were to happen we would get the same or worse with Pence.

Go for a twofer?

Worse yet.

We get Ayn Ryan.

Or, next, it’s Orrin Hatch.

And next in line is currently vacant.

And it gets worse after that.

“What could be worse than ‘currently vacant’? one might ask.

“Any of the remaining”, I would rejoin.

Wilbur The Mumbler” Ross, comes to mind.

So the Constitution clearly has no way out of the mess in which America is embroiled.

And what we are embroiled in becomes clearer every day.

It turns out that there are designed plays that are being, and have been, executed since at least May or so of 2016, by donnie and his minions, that take the eyes of the great unwashed american electorate off the ball of the truth: we have been slipping into the hands of a conspiracy for at least several years; and the head conspirator is donnie the dildo.

But the great unwashed don’t care.

(I realize that the term “great unwashed” probably is easily translated into “deplorables”, but what the hell.)

They – “the great unwashed” - just want to pull “the system” down around their ears.

That way they can make the rest of us feel their pain, that pain being, primarily, as far as I can discern, the pain of not really knowing anything.

And that has been an American problem at least as far back as the 1850s.

But, to get back to the point: that inundation of the ears of America in its “system” is imminent.

Just for example, I offer this insignificant little “designed play”.

“Collusion” is not a crime; “conspiracy” is.

donnie keeps chanting  “there was no collusion.”

Whether that is true or false matters not.

What matters is that if donnie can get everybody worried about “collusion” he, gets a pass on the crime of which he is “guilty, guilty guilty” (Gary Trudeau, 1972) which is conspiracy.

But I guess, since we are all so fortunate as to be engulfed in the “America Ceasing to Exist” movement, that who shot John, or who fucked whom, or who is guilty of treason really doesn’t matter.

Just so the “system” gets pulled down around our ears.

Puty wins.

End Game.

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