Friday, March 2, 2018

Really, Though …

With donnie as unglued as he has become, all of the rest of us – in trumped up America and the rest of the world - need to worry about how stable donnie might be in a Hopeless world.

Hope left him and now he is Hopeless.

And we hear that that makes the rest of our conditions hopeless.

Because in some way – I would love to know what it was – she had always been able to calm the rampaging beast.

But we may never know the details of all of that.

Melania doesn’t want that kind of stuff out on the street.

And I guess that is what a first lady ought to be worried about.

All that stuff out on the street.

But in a Hopeless world, Melania’s feelings notwithstanding, there are stark realities that resemble stark problems.

For instance: we are left with the rampaging and incoherent beast.

That beast does, to my shock and dismay, apparently have the ability to launch the missiles and planes that can end our human state of existence.

Without any real check or balance.

I was surprised to learn that.

Maybe somebody should have mentioned that during the 2016 campaign.

But they didn’t .

Mention that.

Because if they had, maybe being nuts would have had a debilitating effect on donnie’s vote count.

But they didn’t.

Mention that.

And now we have donnie.

With the “big button” at his disposal.

And I didn’t know any of that – but if I had it wouldn’t have had any effect on my vote for Hillary.

But now it’s too late.

Because now we have an unhinged, Hopeless little man with a bad comb-over, and no clue about anything important calling all the important shots.

I was heartened to learn in an early morning tweet that trade wars are fun and easily winnable.

Maybe most Americans (all trumped up and ready to go) don't care about this state of affairs, but I do.

And as best as I can tell, the rest of the world cares a lot about this state of affairs - as much, or maybe more, than I do.

I guess they have forgotten that America reserves the right to incinerate the world.

Or drive it into depression.

Or provide the basis for a - non-incinerating - world war.

And the republican party loves all this.

Paul Ryan aids and abets donnie in his great tantrum.

I see flames.

I see Tories dancing around a bonfire in London in 1688.

I see Whigs dancing around that fire but pretending not to see the Tories.

The heads and quarters should begin to appear around Washington soon.

Just before the great white flash reduces it all to ash.

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